Get the latest updates for leading navigation devices ie. Garmin Map Update  from our experts. Download the latest Updates for new alerts and live traffic details. Most recent updates are available now to make your drive safer and faster.

Choose Free Garmin Map update

Download latest Garmin Map Update, Garmin Nuvi Update, Garmin Express Update, GPS Updates for new functionalities and live traffic status. Most recent updates are available here to make your drive safer.

Garmin Map Update

Get each map extension with more effective and alternative paths. Get the recent maps of 2020.

Garmin Express Update

Efficient time warning facilities are going to get notice of the climate, roadblocks and jams.

Garmin Nuvi Update

When a Garmin Nuvi update is mounted on the highway, the warning system assists providing alarms.


In this era, the Garmin map update becomes a primary necessity. Time is important and reaching the correct destination at the right time  is important. Garmin nuvi update helps you to navigate accurately throughout the Journey and helps to reach easily to unknown destinations. Garmin is one of the world’s leading navigation system provider that offers the best results in GPS technology and services across the world through garmin express update.


Garmin map update – The Garmin unit you keep in your car can make driving to unknown locations as simple as you are around your own

Neighborhood. The Garmin device will tell your exact location using GPS satellites and will guide you with its downloaded maps to determine places around you like restaurants or hotels. With maps, the unit will guide you to reach your destination, but if the maps are out of date, it won’t be able to guide the right way or could send you to wrong way, use the right routes or call for a turn where none exists. Garmin allows you to download a free map update when you buy a new device to ensure accurate instructions and proper performance of your new device.

How to Update Garmin Map or GPS?

Here are few instructions to how to update your map on Garmin devices like Garmin Nuvi


Steps to Update GPS

Here are few instructions to how to update your map on Garmin devices like Garmin Nuvi

Step 1

First of all you have to use USB cable to connect your Garmin Nuvi/express device to your computer Go to web browser to open Garmin’s map update page Choose “Download Garmin map” and then save

Step 3

Click on "A free Garmin map update box is there" if the application prompts you “Maps Lifetime update box is there" or “Map update box is there “If you see the prompt "Your maps are updated," then no update box is available. If you see "A map update box is available to buy," then your device is not eligible for a free update.

Step 2

You will see the file downloaded then double click on it the file will install on your device Once the application will be installed click on “Search for Device” your device will be recognized automatically read the details and select continue

Step 4

Click on Continue option when you see “Update Garmin maps box”. The update won’t start if your computer doesn’t have free storage. The application will guide you to delete pictures and music to make free space. Once the Garmin update will be downloaded it will install automatically. The process can take up to few hours to complete.

The user can also directly download garmin map updateto the device by selecting the unit’s Maps folder as the purpose when they saving the downloaded file. The garmin map update take several minutes to get completed — the users who want to get the Garmin GPS update or  GPS for them. We can assist them in best way. The GPS device manufacturers also offers lifetime free map updates. Additional features can also be added after a specific period when required.

Get Garmin GPS update for free

all users are recommended to regularly check the Garmin Map Update by connecting with the computer.




If you’re not seeing any maps available on the device then it can be possible that the device maps are unreadable by the computer.


Once you connect your  device to the computer if you’re getting error message then try to remove the device and then reconnect it.


If your Garmin device cannot  be recognized by your computer then it can be a problem of outdated drivers.

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